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Co-ordinator Speaks

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The World we live in today is the Epitome of Evolution in contrast to the one we wear raised and educated in. During these ever-changing times, we as educators, have to make sure that we are molding our children to be the challenges ahead, to face a world which will be transformed from what it is today.

Our school’s purpose is to educate the children to take their productive place as leaders in the Global Community by offering our learners a Comprehensive education. Today‘s Youth are the leaders of tomorrow and those leaders are seated in today’s classroom.To nurture those leaders in our classroom. We have to inculcate four key skills in our children, critical thinking, Research mind set, clean communication and good leadership qualities

.We have to teach our children the core values of Empathy and fearlessness our children should be committed towards public service and Nation Building. Our Children should have scientific temperament grounded with the Spiritual values.

I would appeal to the parents to walk hand in hand with the school so that we are able to deliver the very best to our children.

In our Journey together, let us move step by step from strength to strength.

Smt. Sunita Jain